Modern dentistry in Munich

The more complex the treatment case, the more precise planning is required and with a systematic approach will determine the success of the treatment.
In complex cases, modern diagnostic methods and interdisciplinary exchange with specialists are often indispensable in order to implement minimally invasive treatment concepts.

The following will show you some examples of how we put this concept into practice for our patients.

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DIAGNOCAM - Detecting tooth decay at an early stage

With the use of the DIAGNOCAM we can catch tooth decay easily and safely without X-rays. Thanks to this new technology we can “look into” your teeth and detect carious spots at an early stage to protect your teeth from major damage.

Diagnostics and therapy of the temporomandibular joint

Problems such as headaches, neck tension, back pain, but also many neurological disorders can be accounted for by malfunctions of the temporomandibular joints or abnormalities of the jaw as a consequence of an incorrect bite. Since the underlying cause for joint problems can be very complex, we work in a network of different specialists to find the roots of your problems and to help to get things back on track.

Digital dental imaging and 3-dimensional Cone Beam Technology

The latest digital imaging technology with stunning, razor-sharp images available in real-time, with reduced radiation exposure allows us to work efficiently and effectively, providing our patients with the convenience they are looking for in a dental practice.

Nothing left to chance during the surgical procedure: With our three-dimensional cone beam X-ray diagnostics, the digital volume tomography (DVT) provides a razor-sharp representation of the surgical area and the important anatomical structures.

Computerized 3D Implant Planning

With the use of 3-D Cone Beam technology, we are able to plan your entire implant surgery before you even arrive for your procedure! We can virtually preview your dental implant on the computer precisely and accurately, allowing more predictability and less invasiveness and assuring that your implant will be perfectly positioned in your mouth.

Environmental Dentistry

In the case of local or general physical problems, environmental dentistry offers an opportunity to verify suspicious materials with the help of clinical test procedures and in interdisciplinary cooperation with other professions for intolerance or allergenic potential.


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